Podcast: How to Win Your NFL Pool, Week 15, 2017

When I was working on my research on winning your bowl pool, I wondered if the same strategies apply to NFL pools. You would need one which requires picking game winners straight up and assigning confidence points.

I sent an email to my newsletter list, and I was surprised how many people said they were in an NFL pick ’em pool. On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I describe how you would go about winning an NFL pool in week 15, 2017.

In the show, I describe:

  • How to assign confidence points to the 16 NFL games
  • The 3 games in which you should have a lot of confidence this week
  • How to find contrarian choices, essential for pools larger than 30 people

The inefficiencies in picking games based on Yahoo data are insane, as I discuss in the last part about making contrarian choices. Remember, this is the same logic that goes into college football bowl pools.

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The following gives the confidence points for each game based on my member numbers. The number in parentheses is the win probability for the favorite.

16. (79.6%) New Orleans will beat New York Jets.

15. (75.4%) Minnesota will beat Cincinnati.

14. (74.2%) Jacksonville will beat Houston.

13. (69.0%) Philadelphia will beat New York Giants.

12. (67.6%) Washington will beat Arizona.

11. (67.6%) Detroit will beat Chicago.

10. (64.8%) Baltimore will beat Cleveland.

9. (62.7%) Atlanta will beat Tampa Bay.

8. (62.1%) Carolina will beat Green Bay.

7. (60.0%) Seattle will beat Los Angeles Rams.

6. (59.1%) Kansas City will beat Los Angeles Chargers.

5. (58.5%) Buffalo will beat Miami.

4. (57.3%) Denver will beat Indianapolis.

3. (56.6%) Tennessee will beat San Francisco.

2. (52.5%) Oakland will beat Dallas.

1. (51.9%) Pittsburgh will beat New England.

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