The Power Rank uses data and analytics to make accurate predictions for football and March Madness. I developed these methods based on my Ph.D. in applied math from Stanford.

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NFL, Super Bowl

These numbers are based on my NFL team rankings which take margin of victory and adjust for strength of schedule. I also keep a preseason component whose weight diminishes with each passing week.

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1. New England versus Los Angeles Rams at a neutral site.
New England (1) will beat Los Angeles Rams (3) by 0.5 at a neutral site. Los Angeles Rams has a 49% chance of beating New England.

College Football

These predictions based on adjusted margin of victory have predicted the winner in 74.5% of games straight up during the 2016 and 2017 seasons (1133-388). This record does not include any cupcake FBS vs FCS games.

NFL Draft by Wisdom of Crowds

To check out my wisdom of crowds predictions for the 2018 NFL Draft, click here.

International Soccer/Football

My rankings were a part of an academic study on making football predictions.

Major League Baseball

College Basketball

National Basketball Association

To get details on my NBA model for 2018 and series win win probability before the NBA Finals, click here.