Wonder why the New York Giants should not have take Saquon Barkley? It isn’t because of his talent.

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National Basketball Association

To get details on my NBA model for 2018 and championship odds at the start of the playoffs, click here.

As the article describes, the NBA playoffs have been difficult to predict this year. So please use caution in using these predictions.

Games on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

1. Houston at Golden State.
Golden State (1) will beat Houston (2) by 4.1 at home. Houston has a 36% chance of beating Golden State.

Major League Baseball

The matchup shows the projected FIP (adjusted ERA) for each starting pitcher according to ZiPS. The integer in parentheses gives the team’s rank in The Power Rank.

To check out the performance of this model the past two seasons in May, click here.

Since Apr 09, 2018, the team with the higher win probability has won 320 of 560 games for a win percentage of 57.1%.

The team favored by the markets has won 315.5 of 560 games for a win percentage of 56.3%.

Games on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Atlanta (Brandon McCarthy, 4.31) at Philadelphia (Vince Velasquez, 4.12).
Philadelphia (7) has a 50.4 chance to beat Atlanta (6).

San Diego (Eric Lauer, 4.94) at Washington (Jeremy Hellickson, 4.47).
Washington (4) has a 69.9 chance to beat San Diego (23).

Miami (Chris Smith, 5.32) at New York Mets (Zack Wheeler, 4.60).
New York Mets (18) has a 68.1 chance to beat Miami (28).

Pittsburgh (Jameson Taillon, 3.68) at Cincinnati (Matt Harvey, 4.76).
Pittsburgh (17) has a 65.3 chance to beat Cincinnati (25).

Arizona (Matt Koch, 5.36) at Milwaukee (Jhoulys Chacin, 4.70).
Milwaukee (13) has a 55.3 chance to beat Arizona (9).

Colorado (Chad Bettis, 4.67) at Los Angeles Dodgers (Brock Stewart, 4.81).
Los Angeles Dodgers (8) has a 55.1 chance to beat Colorado (19).

Los Angeles Angels (Garrett Richards, 3.96) at Toronto (J.A. Happ, 3.86).
Los Angeles Angels (10) has a 55.8 chance to beat Toronto (22).

Boston (Chris Sale, 3.09) at Tampa Bay (Jake Faria, 4.25).
Boston (3) has a 64.1 chance to beat Tampa Bay (14).

New York Yankees (Domingo German, 4.53) at Texas (Cole Hamels, 4.34).
New York Yankees (2) has a 68.8 chance to beat Texas (26).

Baltimore (Kevin Gausman, 4.24) at Chicago White Sox (James Shields, 5.10).
Baltimore (27) has a 57.4 chance to beat Chicago White Sox (29).

Detroit (Matt Boyd, 4.40) at Minnesota (Lance Lynn, 4.62).
Minnesota (21) has a 54.7 chance to beat Detroit (24).

Seattle (Mike Leake, 4.14) at Oakland (Trevor Cahill, 4.34).
Oakland (16) has a 52.7 chance to beat Seattle (20).

Cleveland (Trevor Bauer, 3.62) at Chicago Cubs (Tyler Chatwood, 4.35).
Chicago Cubs (5) has a 50.7 chance to beat Cleveland (11).

San Francisco (Andrew Suarez, 4.49) at Houston (Gerrit Cole, 3.37).
Houston (1) has a 70.5 chance to beat San Francisco (15).

Kansas City (Jason Hammel, 4.68) at St. Louis (Luke Weaver, 3.65).
St. Louis (12) has a 74.1 chance to beat Kansas City (30).

NFL Draft by Wisdom of Crowds

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College Basketball

College Football

These predictions based on the team rankings have predicted the winner in 74.5% of games during the 2016 and 2017 seasons (1133-388). This record does not include any cupcake FBS vs FCS games.


International Soccer

My rankings were a part of an academic study on making football predictions.