Do you need accurate football and March Madness predictions? The Power Rank seeks to make the best possible predictions based on data and computers.

It started with team rankings that take margin of victory and adjust for strength of schedule. Back in 2008, I developed an algorithm that makes these adjustments.

These numbers can help you win your March Madness pool. The higher ranked college basketball team has won 71.5% of tournament games (699-279) from 2002 through 2016.

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College Basketball

These are a sample of my member predictions based on adjusted efficiency, or points per possession. These predictions also account for pace.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Maryland will beat Rutgers by 3.6 on the road.

Seton Hall will beat Georgetown by 4.2 at home.

South Carolina will beat Mississippi State by 11.5 at home.

Purdue will beat Indiana by 10.1 at home.

Duke will beat Florida State by 3.8 at home.

Creighton will beat St. John’s by 11.8 at home.

Providence will beat DePaul by 10.6 at home.

Kentucky will beat Vanderbilt by 11.9 at home.

Iowa State will beat Oklahoma State by 2.6 at home.

College Football

During the 2015 season, these college football predictions predicted the winner in 76.2% of games (583-182, doesn’t include cupcakte FBS vs FCS games).

National Football League

Major League Baseball

These predictions use team rankings that adjust for a team’s cluster luck. They consider starting pitching through a projected FIP but no injuries or other situations.

National Basketball Association

To see my numbers prior to the start of the playoffs, check out the interactive visual for NBA win probabilities.

International Soccer

My rankings were a part of an academic study on making football predictions.

To check out my Euro 2016 win probabilities before the knock out stage started, click here.