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Game Predictions

Each year, the predictions page gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, the most viewed page on this site.

Most visitors come for football and March Madness game predictions based on my algorithm for ranking teams. But the predictions page also has NBA and MLB predictions, so you will find relevant content every day of the year except during the MLB All-Star break.

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Interactive March Madness Bracket

Every March, I calculate the probability teams to advance through each round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. These odds come from my college basketball team rankings.

An interactive data visualization shows these results. Hover over the circles to see the probability for each team to win that game. Hover over the teams to view their win probability for each round.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Content at The Power Rank

Beyond predictions, The Power Rank uses content to take the mystery out of sports analytics.

This content guide has a brief summary of the best articles on this site. While most of these articles cover football analytics, I have also written about winning your March Madness pool and predicting international soccer matches.

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