The Power Rank uses analytics for better sports predictions. MLB predictions are below.

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College Football

cover_full_350Win total predictions for the 2015 college football season are now available.

These win totals are based on The Power Rank’s preseason college football rankings.

From 2005 through 2014, these rankings, which do not consider any regular season data, predicted the game winner in 70.4% of college football games.

This report contains win totals for FBS teams as well as two teams with value in the markets. In addition, it discusses why it’s possible to make accurate preseason predictions as well as two overrated teams.

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Major League Baseball

The matchup shows the projected FIP (an ERA statistics that isolates the pitcher’s contribution from defense and luck) for each starting pitcher according to ZiPS.

These predictions do not consider injuries to players such as Giancarlo Stanton and Miguel Cabrera.

Since May 29, 2015, the team with the higher win probability has won 463 of 826 games for a win percentage of 56.1%.

The team favored by the markets has won 472.0 of 826 games for a win percentage of 57.1%.

Games on Saturday, August 01, 2015.

Atlanta (Matt Wisler, 4.17, 0 IP) at Philadelphia (Aaron Nola, 4.56, 13.2 IP).
Atlanta (29) has a 57.2 chance to beat Philadelphia (30).

Pittsburgh (Gerrit Cole, 3.03) at Cincinnati (Raisel Iglesias, 4.57, 40.2 IP).
Pittsburgh (16) has a 61.8 chance to beat Cincinnati (18).

Washington (Joe Ross, 4.05, 32.2 IP) at New York Mets (Jacob deGrom, 2.95).
New York Mets (20) has a 55.5 chance to beat Washington (13).

Chicago Cubs (Kyle Hendricks, 3.45) at Milwaukee (Matt Garza, 4.17).
Chicago Cubs (15) has a 60.3 chance to beat Milwaukee (27).

San Diego (Odrisamer Despaigne, 4.12) at Miami (Jose Urena, 4.31, 42.1 IP).
Miami (21) has a 51.9 chance to beat San Diego (26).

Colorado (Jorge de la Rosa, 4.46) at St. Louis (Lance Lynn, 3.16).
St. Louis (6) has a 71.4 chance to beat Colorado (28).

Kansas City (Yordano Ventura, 3.69) at Toronto (Mark Buehrle, 3.92).
Toronto (1) has a 54.9 chance to beat Kansas City (9).

Tampa Bay (Matt Moore, 4.41, 23.2 IP) at Boston (Joe Kelly, 4.36).
Tampa Bay (10) has a 53.5 chance to beat Boston (23).

Detroit (Anibal Sanchez, 3.58) at Baltimore (Kevin Gausman, 4.02, 40.2 IP).
Detroit (14) has a 50.9 chance to beat Baltimore (11).

Seattle (Mike Montgomery, 5.13, 0 IP) at Minnesota (Kyle Gibson, 3.89).
Minnesota (25) has a 55.7 chance to beat Seattle (17).

New York Yankees (Bryan Mitchell, 5.43, 9.1 IP) at Chicago White Sox (John Danks, 4.96).
New York Yankees (2) has a 56.3 chance to beat Chicago White Sox (24).

Cleveland (Chase Anderson, 4.09) at Oakland (Aaron Brooks, 4.94, 4.1 IP).
Cleveland (8) has a 52.7 chance to beat Oakland (5).

Los Angeles Angels (Andrew Heaney, 3.83, 40.1 IP) at Los Angeles Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw, 2.25).
Los Angeles Dodgers (3) has a 64.8 chance to beat Los Angeles Angels (7).

Arizona (Jeremy Hellickson, 4.17) at Houston (Dallas Keuchel, 3.25).
Houston (4) has a 66.0 chance to beat Arizona (19).

San Francisco (Chris Heston, 3.61) at Texas (Cole Hamels, 3.31).
San Francisco (12) has a 51.4 chance to beat Texas (22).

National Basketball Association

nba_playoffs_2015Check out my 2015 NBA playoff win probabilities. Calculations based on market rankings that consider closing point spreads since late February.

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National Football League

International Soccer