The Power Rank uses analytics for better sports predictions. NBA playoff and MLB predictions are below.

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NBA Playoff Probabilities

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.14.05 PMThese numbers come from rankings that use data from games and the markets. To see my numbers for the entire playoffs, check out the interactive visual for NBA win probabilities.

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Portland vs Los Angeles Clippers.
Portland, the away team up 3-2, has a 92.8 percent chance of winning the series.

Charlotte vs Miami.
Charlotte, the away team up 3-2, has a 79.3 percent chance of winning the series.

Indiana vs Toronto.
Toronto, the home team up 3-2, has a 81.0 percent chance of winning the series.

National Basketball Association

Games on Friday, April 29, 2016.

1. Toronto at Indiana.
Indiana (9) will beat Toronto (6) by 3.3 at home. Toronto has a 38% chance of beating Indiana.

2. Miami at Charlotte.
Charlotte (10) will beat Miami (12) by 5.1 at home. Miami has a 33% chance of beating Charlotte.

3. Los Angeles Clippers at Portland.
Portland (11) will beat Los Angeles Clippers (7) by 11.2 at home. Los Angeles Clippers has a 17% chance of beating Portland.

Major League Baseball

The matchup shows the projected FIP (adjusted ERA) for each starting pitcher according to ZiPS.

The integer in parentheses gives the team’s rank in The Power Rank.

Games on Friday, April 29, 2016.

Atlanta (Aaron Blair, 3.94, 0 IP) at Chicago Cubs (Jon Lester, 3.08).
Chicago Cubs (1) has a 78.0 chance to beat Atlanta (29).

Cincinnati (Dan Straily, 4.83) at Pittsburgh (Juan Nicasio, 3.91).
Pittsburgh (10) has a 67.4 chance to beat Cincinnati (27).

San Francisco (Jake Peavy, 3.77) at New York Mets (Steven Matz, 3.35).
New York Mets (3) has a 56.3 chance to beat San Francisco (7).

Miami (Adam Conley, 3.90) at Milwaukee (Zach Davies, 3.91, 0 IP).
Miami (16) has a 60.3 chance to beat Milwaukee (30).

Washington (Stephen Strasburg, 2.77) at St. Louis (Mike Leake, 3.85).
Washington (5) has a 55.7 chance to beat St. Louis (4).

Colorado (Tyler Chatwood, 4.43) at Arizona (Robbie Ray, 3.80).
Arizona (13) has a 60.5 chance to beat Colorado (22).

San Diego (Cesar Vargas, 3.65, 0 IP) at Los Angeles Dodgers (Alex Wood, 3.69).
Los Angeles Dodgers (2) has a 63.4 chance to beat San Diego (26).

Chicago White Sox (Carlos Rodon, 3.91) at Baltimore (Mike Wright, 4.68).
Chicago White Sox (12) has a 54.9 chance to beat Baltimore (14).

New York Yankees (Masahiro Tanaka, 3.68) at Boston (Henry Owens, 4.44, 0 IP).
Boston (6) has a 51.4 chance to beat New York Yankees (20).

Toronto (Aaron Sanchez, 4.32) at Tampa Bay (Drew Smyly, 3.65).
Tampa Bay (11) has a 55.5 chance to beat Toronto (9).

Los Angeles Angels (Hector Santiago, 4.19) at Texas (Colby Lewis, 4.66).
Los Angeles Angels (21) has a 53.0 chance to beat Texas (24).

Detroit (Michael Fulmer, 4.56, 0 IP) at Minnesota (Phil Hughes, 3.45).
Minnesota (23) has a 57.5 chance to beat Detroit (19).

Houston (Mike Fiers, 4.32) at Oakland (Sean Manaea, 4.18, 0 IP).
Oakland (25) has a 50.3 chance to beat Houston (18).

Kansas City (Kris Medlen, 4.34) at Seattle (Felix Hernandez, 3.11).
Seattle (15) has a 60.9 chance to beat Kansas City (17).

Cleveland (Corey Kluber, 2.94) at Philadelphia (Adam Morgan, 5.41, 0 IP).
Cleveland (8) has a 76.4 chance to beat Philadelphia (28).

College Football

During the 2015 season, the college football predictions posted here predicted the winner in 76.1% of games (570-179, doesn’t include any FBS vs FCS games).

National Football League

Check out how predicting Super Bowl 50 was the ultimate test between eyes and numbers.

Major League Baseball

From May 29, 2015 through the World Series, the team with the higher win probability has won 980 of 1751 games for a win percentage of 56.0%.

The team favored by the markets has won 1018.0 of 1751 games for a win percentage of 58.1%.

College Basketball

International Soccer