Introducing: College football win totals for 2016

Do preseason college football predictions seem difficult to make?

The trouble starts with the unpredictability of the young men that play the game. The random bounce of the ball, such as during a fumble recovery, makes predicting the season even worse.

However, there’s a hidden factor that makes accurate college football predictions possible. It doesn’t work in the NFL, but this factor allowed my preseason analytics to pick the winner in 73.3% of college football games in 2015 before the season ever started.

Hi, my name is Ed Feng, and I’m the founder of The Power Rank, a site that uses analytics to make accurate football predictions. My numbers and content have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, and Grantland among other media outlets.


You can look at my predictions in The 2016 College Football Win Totals Report. Here’s what you get:

  • A win total for all 128 bowl subdivision teams.
  • The hidden factor that makes accurate preseason college football predictions possible.
  • 3 surprising teams based on expected win total.
  • Which human polls to trust in making predictions. The answer might surprise you.

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Michael Sondag // Arlington, VA.

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