College football upset alert for 2016

In my email newsletter, I’ve been putting college football teams on upset alert. It might seem like these teams should win because of their high rank, but they face a sneaky tough opponent that week.

I don’t include teams that are large underdogs in the markets, like Nebraska as a 9 point underdog at Wisconsin.

Here are the results for the 2016 season. I’m 8 for 12, and I’ve missed the two weeks with 3 teams on upset alert instead of 2.

  • Week 1. Notre Dame (lost to Texas 50-47), Clemson (beat Auburn 19-13)
  • Week 2. TCU (lost 41-38 to Arkansas). Not many good games this week.
  • Week 3. Texas (lost to California 50-43), Houston (beat Cincinnati 40-16)
  • Week 4. Washington (beat Arizona 35-28), Stanford (beat UCLA 22-13), Texas A&M (beat Arkansas 45-24).
  • Week 5. No teams on upset alert, as 3 games featured pairs of top 10 teams. I did say Michigan would not get upset, and they beat Wisconsin 14-7.
  • Week 6. North Carolina (lost to Virginia Tech 34-3), Washington (beat Oregon 70-21).
  • Week 7. Mississippi (lost to Arkansas 34-30), Nebraska (beat Indiana 27-22).
  • Week 8. Boise State (beat BYU 28-27), Wisconsin (beat Iowa 17-9), West Virginia (beat TCU 34-10).
  • Week 9. West Virginia (lost to Oklahoma State 37-20), Baylor (lost to Texas 35-34).
  • Week 10. Texas A&M (lost to Mississippi State 35-28), Penn State (beat Iowa 41-14).
  • Week 11. Auburn (lost to Georgia 13-7), Penn State (beat Indiana 45-31). Didn’t predict the losses of Clemson, Michigan and Washington though.
  • Week 12. Oklahoma (beat West Virginia 56-28), Colorado (beat Washington State 38-24)
  • Week 13. Western Michigan (beat Toledo 55-35), Penn State (beat Michigan State 45-12)

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