How to make a profitable investment in college football

Do you hate the typical tout site that sells picks? These sites hype a 6-1 record from last week. You know you could flip a coin a day and end up with 6 heads in a week.

You’re less of a gambler and more of an investor. You know that analytics and hard work can get you an edge in the markets, especially in college football totals.

However, you probably don’t have the time to do the research yourself. We have a solution for you.

The Power Rank’s college football prediction service

The college football prediction service combines Ph.D. level math with years of betting experience to find value in the markets.

The prediction service makes picks for sides and totals, both for the game and the first half. The visual shows our record since the beginning of the 2014 season.

Two people run this prediction service.

  • Mike Craig. Mike graduated from Penn State with degrees in chemical engineering and mathematics. He has combined analytics and subjective factors to make a living in the sports markets for the last ten years. Mike has worked with Right Angle Sports and currently works at Sports Insights as a consultant.
  • Ed Feng. Ed got his Ph.D. from Stanford in Chemical Engineering and then applied it to ranking sports teams. His numbers have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Grantland, Five Thirty Eight and Deadspin. He regularly contributes college football content to Bleacher Report.

This is unsolicited praise for the prediction service on Twitter:

Ed, I have been around sports betting for 40 years. I think your Business Model is The Gold Standard for sports predictions.

Billy Polcha on Twitter.

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How to accurately account for strength of schedule

The foundation of the prediction service is the ranking algorithm of The Power Rank. Ed developed this method from his Ph.D. research at Stanford on the physics of molecules and the math of randomness.

Let’s look at how it evaluates offense and defense in college football.

  • It gathers yard per play statistics from every game. Yards per play is a powerful efficiency metric which is mostly immune from the randomness of turnovers.
  • The algorithm creates a network in which the offense and defense of teams are nodes and games are edges that connect the nodes. This was inspired by Google’s PageRank method, which brought order to the complex world of web search.
  • From this network, the method develops a set of equations to be solved. For college football, there are 506 equations with 506 unknown variables, two for each team on the FBS or FCS level.

The algorithm solves for the 506 variables simultaneously in college football. This is the key to accurately accounting for strength of schedule. Many other ranking systems do not do this.

  • Finally, the variable for each team is transformed into a rating that gives an expected yards per play against an average team.

These yards per play ratings on offense and defense drive our predictions for point spreads and totals in college football. We then apply subjective factors such as injuries to the math predictions to determine the final picks.

Make a profitable sports investment

The Power Rank’s college football prediction service combines analytics with human judgment to give you the best possible picks.

It starts with a ranking algorithm that does for college football what Google’s PageRank did for web search: brings order and insight into a messy system.

We then apply human judgment to the numbers to find the most valuable picks. We think of college football as an investment. Mike has made a living on it for the past ten years.

  • The picks gives you the best chance at winning in the long term.
  • The math predictions for spreads and totals let you find for your own picks.

We believe in transparency and track all of our picks. The visual shows our record since the beginning of the 2014 season.

We can’t guarantee we’ll win every season. College football has too few games to offer enough valuable plays. However, we strongly believe our methods give you the best chance to win in the long term.

Get the college football prediction service for Bowl Season

The prediction service for the 2016 bowl season offers the following.

  • Picks for college football, both spreads and totals.
  • Math predictions for spreads and totals in every college football game.

We will release our first set of game selections on 2pm Eastern, Thursday, December 15th.

If you act before Tuesday, December 20th, you can get the bowl package for $149.

After that, the price goes up to $249.

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