Podcast: Adam Stanco on predicting the NCAA tournament

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I dive into college basketball with Adam Stanco of the Pac-12 Network. Each eary, I enjoy comparing my numbers with his hoops expertise.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • The overall landscape of the 2020 NCAA tournament (2:43)
  • Does preseason #1 Michigan State have enough offense? (7:35)
  • Can a mid-major like Dayton or San Diego State win the tournament? (12:53)
  • What are the prospects for Arizona and Oregon from the Pac-12? (20:26)
  • Breaking down contenders from pretenders in The Power Rank top 10 (30:34)
  • Two dark horse teams for March Madness (41:20)

Towards the end, Adam tells a remarkable story about his interaction Kobe Bryant before his tragic death (46:54).

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  1. Craig Ross says

    Loved the Stanco podcast ang the first of your bracket advice podcast. [My wife won her 104 person pool using your tips last year.]

    Fascinating work.

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