Podcast: Ken Pomeroy on college basketball analytics

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I’m joined by Ken Pomeroy, college basketball analytics guru. In addition to his site kenpom.com, his work has been featured on The Athletic, ESPN and Deadspin.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • How his college basketball rankings and predictions work (2:48)
  • The surprising statistic he uses to calculate home court for each team – no, it’s not points (6:15)
  • Ken’s favorite study among all that he has done on college basketball analytics (11:06)
  • Is the pack line defense of Tony Bennett and Virginia behind the times? (13:39)
  • Can a mid-major like Dayton or San Diego State win the tournament? (15:46)
  • Can Michigan State make a run in this tournament? (17:43)
  • The two numbers to look at to determine whether a player is over or underperforming his skill as a 3 point shooter (20:32)
  • The conference that has befuddled his numbers the most (22:29)

I ended the show by asking my usual question about what you would bring if you were kidnapped for a year. This led to a fascinating conversation on our society (25:26).

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