Podcast: Edward Egros on predictive football analytics

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I talk with Edward Egros, a professor at SMU who works at the intersection of journalism and sports analytics.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • how he built his college football model, and whether recruiting matters (6:06)
  • the method SMU used to thrive in 2019 (10:57)
  • the problems with Texas football, and how this compares with Alabama (14:07)
  • how to find an edge betting the Dallas Cowboys (18:19)
  • his sports analytics class in the SMU journalism school (27:19)

We also talk about Ben Baldwin’s tutorial on getting NFL play by play data and the data visualization of Florence Nightingale.

At the end, I talk about Rotten Tomatoes and picking which movies to see. Wisdom of crowds at work (37:58).

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