Podcast: Whale Capper on predicting the NFL

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I’m joined by Drew, better known as Whale Capper on Twitter. He’s a earthquake engineer that uses this technical expertise to predict the NFL.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • how he introduces variance into his NFL model, and how this informs his betting (2:42)
  • science vs art in his model, and how this applies to situations (15:26)
  • the team he backed last week, which didn’t go so well, but he’s looking to back again in week 7 (18:22)
  • how often a team should run on 2nd and 10 (25:27)
  • the team he didn’t like this preseason, and the reasons Drew has changed his mind (28:40)
  • the NFL team that he likes for going over the total (34:29)

We end with a great discussion of food, Mexican food in particular (36:44).

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