Podcast: Jim Sannes on predicting the NFL in 2019

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I’m joined by Jim Sannes, senior writer and analyst at numberFire. Among other topics, we discuss:

  • How Jim has won the past two March Madness pools at numberFire (2:03)
  • His process for ranking NFL offensive lines 1 through 32 (7:46)
  • The offensive line so good you should consider their back up running back for your fantasy team (16:22)
  • The offensive line not ranked that high in Jim’s rankings but has high upside (17:26)
  • The quarterback due for a remarkable season in 2019 (23:30)
  • Jim’s process for doing a daily podcast on baseball DFS (27:15)

Jim is incredibly knowledgeable and well spoken. I know you’ll enjoy our conversation on the 2019 NFL season.

To listen here, click on the right pointing triangle:

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Jim and I also host Covering the Spread, a new sports betting podcast. To check it out, click here.

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