Podcast: Spanky on profitable sports betting

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I talk with Gadoon Kyrollos, better known as Spanky on Twitter. He’s a professional sports bettor who was recently profiled on The Ringer.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • How Spanky transitioned from the financial world to sports betting (1:53)
  • His approach to sports betting; the differences with what you normally hear may surprise you (3:08)
  • How sports books treat sharp bettors (12:37)
  • A metaphor for the business model of different sports books (17:09)
  • The Spanky test for whether you’re a good sports bettor (26:33). If you listen to any segment of this podcast, pick this one.

Spanky was incredibly generous in discussing his business, and I think you’ll find the conversation fascinating whether you bet on sports or not.

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To check out the profile of Spanky on The Ringer, click here.


  1. Spanky got on social media to get more accounts. LOL

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