Podcast: Ed Miller on the Logic of Sports Betting

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, Ed Miller, a writer and data scientist with a background from MIT, joins me. We discuss his new book The Logic of Sports Betting that he co-wrote with Matthew Davidow.

Among other topics, we get into:

  • The seismic event that convinced Ed not to become a teacher (3:13)
  • How market making sports books set the spread or total for a game (11:14)
  • Why parlays aren’t necessarily bad bets (13:36)
  • The crucial concept of a no hold market (21:40)

Ed also had a make over on the television show Queer Eye back in 2006, and I had fun asking him about that experience (29:55).

His book The Logic of Sports Betting is fantastic, and we couldn’t cover everything in this interview. I highly recommending getting a copy from Amazon.

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