Podcast: Joe Peta on predictive golf analytics

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, Joe Peta, writer, data scientist and Stanford MBA, joins me.  Joe cut this teeth on baseball analytics but has recently started working on golf with his book A 2019 Masters Preview.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • The political figure Joe did work for as an accountant (2:35 to start Joe’s story)
  • The Strokes Gained framework for evaluating golfers (8:25)
  • How to predict golf tournaments like the Masters (24:38)
  • Why variance plays a much bigger role in golf than team sports, and how this relates to poker (15:10)
  • Evaluating Tiger Woods, both in the past and into 2019 (32:40)

I’ve always respected Joe’s work, and anyone who likes golf or data should enjoy this conversation.  Also, check out his new book A 2019 Masters Preview, which you can consume in one sitting.

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