Podcast: Chris Andrews on predicting the Super Bowl

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, Chris Andrews, director of the South Point sports book, joins me for a wide ranging discussion.

Among other topics, we discuss:

  • How he uses analytics in bookmaking (5:24)
  • How he approaches Super Bowl props, sharps vs public (12:34)
  • How Chris sets the first college football win totals (17:28)
  • What he means by “an aggressive bookmaker is actually conservative” with New England in the Super Bowl as an example (22:50)
  • What he thinks of bookmakers that swear by the Don Best screen (good for a laugh, 26:40, and continue listening for which way Super Bowl spread will go)

I really enjoyed getting the bookmaker perspective, and I hope you do as well.

To listen here, click on the right pointing triangle.

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  1. The YPA is good for explosivity and ability and does have value, but it doesn’t take into account a couple things…Special Teams or DSR. So DSR is drive success rate.. or ability to keep the drive going. That is consistency, right.. and that is important. So i never just look at the YPA or YPP (yards per play). I like to look at points per drive, yards per drive and DSR along with Yards per play stuff and then of course the situational compare (home and away,etc). But thanks for the recording and good info here. I wagered a small amt on LAR plus 3, but who knows what can happen if some calls help out Brady. (Roughing passer or a neutral zone infraction lol). BTW, my SU record this yr is 174-90 documented in my Pickem.lol I pulled a Golden Sombrero in first round of playoffs. SMH.

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