Podcast: 3 college football predictions for Thanksgiving week, 2018

On this short solo episode, I dig 3 fascinating college football stories:

  • The great Alabama versus Michigan debate, and why it’s not much of a debate (0:41)
  • How the markets split a difference in Michigan at Ohio State (5:19)
  • The hilarity in making predictions for Oklahoma at West Virginia (9:06)

To listen here, click on the right pointing triangle:

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  1. David Repici says

    I enjoyed the pod cast, although I thought the Alabama-Michigan debate was about
    who would win a playoff matchup- and you thinking Alabama would be an obvious winner.
    I also liked the 10 minute length moreso than the 35 minute ones which seem too long.

    I look forward to hearing your feelings when the 4 team college playoff begins
    and the NFL Playoff matchups as well

    Wish you continued success with your site.

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