The Football Analytics Resource Guide

With less than 4 weeks before 2018 football season, you’d like get up to speed on football analytics. You need the insight that makes you the smartest fan on your block or message board.

What do the numbers say about skill versus luck in various aspects of football? How can coaches make better decisions during games?

To help you on your journey, I’ve complied the 9 best articles on football analytics. Instead of searching the web for resources, check out my curated list, which will show you the following:

  • the huge impact plays that teams have little control over (no, it’s not turnovers)
  • the simple decision that increases a team’s win probability that no NFL coaches make
  • the paradoxical reason that luck plays an increasing factor in NFL quarterback performance
  • the mistake that almost all college football statistics sites make
  • why Belichick was correct in going for it on 4th and 2 from his own 28 yard line against the Colts

For each resource, I summarize the essential aspects and then provide a link for more details. It’s a long article, but you can consume the 9 parts independently.

To check out The Football Analytics Resource Guide, click here.


  1. joemaffei says

    i love your articles but one thing always startles me is why the sb loser almost never cover wk-1 the next season last year the bears beat the spread against atl and lost only because of dropped balls in the end zone i dont think the analytics will show why thanks

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