Podcast: Peter Jennings on analytics for Daily Fantasy Sports

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, Peter Jennings, two time world champion at Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and cofounder of Fantasy Labs, joins me for a wide ranging discussion on analytics for DFS. Among other topics, we discuss:

  • An advantage his background in poker gave him in DFS
  • The times of year with the most value in DFS versus the times you’re stuck playing other professionals
  • How to use the markets to gain an edge
  • The sport he watches to gain an edge, and the sport he avoids watching
  • Whether strategy or analytics is more important for the beginning player

After listening to the interview, it won’t surprise you how much success Peter has had in playing DFS and starting Fantasy Labs.

After the interview, I discuss my new research on college football bowl pools. Is there value in these contests? Listen at 32:29.

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  1. I liked that interview probably because I can relate to this guy as I played online poker professionally for 8 years… Jennings gives a good point when he talks about Baseball being the least subjective sports to bet on according to analytics. I followed MLB model for moneyline play and really had great first year. I’m also looking forward to build NBA, NFL, NCAAF&B models too as I’m already into MLB & NHL.

    Great work, great podcast(s).


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