Podcast: Aaron Schatz on predicting the 2017 NFL season

On this episode of The Football Analytics Show, I talk with Aaron Schatz, founder of Football Outsiders. We have a wide ranging conversation on the following topics:

  • How Aaron got on the Late Show with Seth Myers
  • The surprising truth about passing and rushing in the NFL, and how it’s been that way for 30 years
  • The coach that defies the odds and makes his team better
  • Why the Rams won’t be as bad as you think in 2017
  • The NFL team due for a steep decline in 2017 due to their defense

My apologies for butchering his name in the introduction of the podcast, but I do get it right I introduce him.

You can check out the FO Almanac for 2017, which I highly recommend, and their other products here.

After the interview with Aaron, I’m back for a college football win total prediction with value in the markets (35:49). Those Big 12 teams need a pass defense.

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