Podcast: Ben Alamar on the ESPN Football Power Index and NFL Divisional Playoffs

On this week’s episode of the Football Analytics Show, I’m honored to have Dr. Ben Alamar, Director of Sports Analytics at ESPN. We dig into a host of topics, which includes:

  • The NBA executive that opened the conversation with “I don’t believe this analytics stuff”
  • How FPI (Football Power Index) makes adjustments for quarterback injuries
  • The surprising team to which FPI assigns the second highest Super Bowl win probability
  • The hidden factor that gives Dallas an extra point in the FPI prediction against Green Bay
  • Spread predictions for all 4 Divisional Playoff games for FPI (not available anywhere on the internet to my knowledge) and my member numbers
  • Ben’s 3 tips for breaking into sports analytics

You can check out the work of ESPN analytics team by clicking here.

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  1. […] I interviewed Ben Alamar on the Football Analytics Show this week, and his FPI (Football Power Index) makes the Chiefs nearly a 5 point favorite. They use an expected points added, a metric which accounts for interceptions but their own twist. To listen to that part of the discussion, go to 14:50 of my interview with Ben Alamar. […]

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