NFL rankings after week 4, 2016

nfl2016_w4Yikes, that’s not good.

I’m a little embarrassed Green Bay tops my public NFL rankings after week 4. The Packers haven’t looked good this year.

But it shows you the noise in NFL data after only four weeks. These rankings use both my preseason numbers as well as team rankings based on margin of victory adjusted for strength of schedule.

Green Bay ranks 3rd in these team rankings, and it’s better than of the four teams ahead of them this preseason. And the Packers might get their act together.

However, I don’t think Green Bay is the best team in the NFL. My member rankings use data from other sources and come up with a more reasonable rank of 9th for Green Bay.

These public rankings will get better over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

To check out the NFL rankings, click here.

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