3 overrated college football teams for 2015 by preseason analytics

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.56.57 AMIt’s always fun to pick at the brand name programs in college football.

USA Today released its Coaches Poll last week, and it gives us a chance to identify some overrated teams.

The win totals report

Based on my preseason college football rankings, I already wrote about 2 possibly overrated teams (TCU, Michigan State) in The 2015 College Football Win Totals Report. This report also identifies two teams with value in the win totals market.

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3 more overrated teams for 2015

Over at Football Study Hall, I wrote about 3 more college football teams that might not reach the expectations of media and fans based on my preseason rankings.

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One of the teams may have some value to go under their win total in the markets.

I’ve been a bit surprised at the reaction so far. Auburn is one of the three teams, and their fans just roasted me last year for a Grantland article.

However, I’ve gotten a few tweets agreeing with my analysis.

Go figure. To check out the article, click here.

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