College Football Rankings

A screen shot of a data file used by The Power RankWe crunch numbers to better understand college football.

Based on a decade of academic research, we developed a ranking algorithm for college football teams. In essence, it takes margin of victory and adjusts for strength of schedule.

But everyone and their mom has a team ranking algorithm using final scores. Ken Massey has a short list of 127 of them, including ours.

To get a deeper insight into college football, we apply our algorithm to statistics such as yards per play. This measures an offense’s ability to move the ball or a defense’s skill in preventing it. Our algorithm adjusts these statistics for strength of schedule to rank offense and defense. The rating gives an expected yards per play against an average bowl subdivision opponent.

The rest of our premium content features rankings for passing and rushing as well as team pages that show match up statistics for upcoming games. To check it out, click here.