Podcast: Michigan at Ohio State

thefootballanalyticsshow_cover_landscapeThis week, I focus on Michigan at Ohio State, a critical game in the college football playoff picture. After looking at all the numbers, the game boils down to which team can run the ball, because both teams will find it extremely difficult to throw.

I end with a prediction for Michigan at Ohio State, and then jump into college football upset alert. You might laugh at one of the picks, but hey, I’m here to entertain.

I end with a college football total that just might make one of our picks in the prediction service.

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Podcast: The top 3 college football and NFL stories for Nov 17-20

thefootballanalyticsshow_cover_landscapeOn the show this week, I discuss the following.

  • What pocket Aces in poker has to do with college football
  • Why it drives me crazy when people say “failed election predictions,” and what this has to do with college football
  • What it takes to be a savvy content consumer in 2016
  • Who Pro Football Focus was talking about when they said “He needs to improve his location, in particular, struggling to beat tight coverage at every level of the defense” before the 2016 NFL draft. Hint, he’s killing it in the NFL right now.
  • My doubts about the college football playoff probabilities
  • How Louisville makes the college football playoff, more thoughts on that here

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Podcast: The top 3 stories in college football and the NFL for Nov 10-13

In this week’s podcast, which I’ve named The Football Analytics Show, I discuss the following.

  • The most difficult type of college football game to predict.
  • The sneaky truth about why Washington could lose to USC.
  • The team no one is talking about for the college football playoff.
  • The NFL QB injury that just might help the team.
  • The real story behind Carolina’s fall this season.

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Podcast: The 3 top college football and NFL predictions for Nov 5-6, 2016

The Power Rank podcast looks at three stories this week, and you might be interested them for the following reasons.

  • Why my public prediction of Ohio State over Nebraska by 8.4 points is too low. (You can also read about that here.)
  • Why Michigan will most likely win the Big Ten East over Ohio State.
  • The NFL teams on which the markets flipped this week.
  • The key match up of strength on strength in Alabama at LSU.
  • The break that the college football playoff committee gave Alabama.

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A big, big thanks to my buddy David Nasternak for editing this.

The Power Rank has a podcast

Check out the very first podcast of The Power Rank, in which I discuss the following.

  • Who should listen to The Power Rank podcast.
  • How I got started in sports analytics.
  • The latest methods used to predict football games.

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