About The Power Rank

Ed_Feng_headshotHi, my name is Ed Feng, and I use data and computers to make better predictions in sports.

I founded The Power Rank in 2008 when I got sick of using my math skills on arcane academic papers that no one will ever read. It’s also when I learned that Google’s PageRank technology was based on the same math as my Ph.D in chemical engineering. This inspired a new method for understanding sports.

My content has appeared on Grantland, Deadspin and Sports Illustrated. I also appear weekly on WTKA in Ann Arbor as well as regularly on the Betting Dork podcast with Gill Alexander.

These media outlets have featured my work.

  • Paul Finebaum, the King of the South, had me on his radio show in January, 2012 to discuss the Alabama versus Notre Dame national championship game.
  • After seeing the interactive March Madness bracket, Amy Nelson from SB Nation did a documentary on my analytics and data visualization. The video is about 5 minutes.
  • Eric Chemi at Bloomberg Businessweek wrote about my rankings and predictions before the 2014 NCAA tournament.

I’ve also done interviews on sports radio, such as WMT in Cedar Rapids and WUZ the Wake Up Zone in Nashville. To inquire about an interview appearance, please contact me here.

For more information, check out my newcomer’s guide to The Power Rank.

Enlightenment through sports analytics and data visualization

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When I first thought about signing up, I was unsure about the content coming into my inbox. I didn’t want spam. However, I found great and interesting content, catered at a frequency I enjoy. I particularly like the statistical analysis that challenges typical ways of thinking.
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Much better than the average sports analytics – maybe even 2 standard deviation better.
Dr. Daniel Heller // Marin, CA.

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