About The Power Rank

Ed_Feng_headshotSomething tells me you’re way smarter than the average sports fan.

It’s 2015, and you know that data and analytics are essential to understanding sports. Predictions based on unbiased data complements all that sports you watch.

My name is Ed Feng, and I develop methods to better predict sporting events like the NCAA tournament.

I started The Power Rank in 2008 when I got sick of applying my math skills to arcane academic papers no one would ever read. My first big break came when Amy Nelson of SB nation made a documentary on my March Madness analytics in 2012.

Now, I’ve written for Grantland, Deadspin and Sports Illustrated, and my numbers have appeared on CNBC, Business Week and Five Thirty Eight.

How to win your NCAA tourney pool

I’m working on a book on how to maximize your odds each year of winning your pool. To get notified when the book is ready, sign up for my free email newsletter.

When I first thought about signing up, I was unsure about the content coming into my inbox. I didn’t want spam. However, I found great and interesting content, catered at a frequency I enjoy. I particularly like the statistical analysis that challenges typical ways of thinking.
Michael Sondag // Arlington, VA.

Much better than the average sports analytics – maybe even 2 standard deviation better.
Dr. Daniel Heller // Marin, CA.

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