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Interactive March Madness Bracket

Using our college basketball rankings, we computed the win probabilities for teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Then coding and design guru Angi Chau visualized the results for the tournament in this interactive bracket.

Hover over the circles to see the probability for each team to win that game. Hover over the teams to view their win probability for each round. To check it out, click here.

How to predict interceptions in the NFL, backed by surprising science

Interceptions play a critical role in football. In 2013, the NFL team that had more interceptions than their opponent won the game 80% of the time. Can we predict these critical plays?

To read the full article on how pass rush and throwing accuracy affect interceptions, click here.

The Top 10 Things To Know About Our Methods

For those that want to dig deeper into our methods, this articles gets into everything from the statistical physics behind our algorithm to exactly how many Bowl game winners it has picked over the last 10 years. We’ll even solve a linear system of equations and give an intuitive explanation of the algorithm in terms of a fickle fan.

To read the most complete description of my methods on this site, click here.

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