“Much better than the average sports analytics”

Ed_Feng_headshotSomething tells me you’re smarter than the average sports fan.

It makes you cringe when someone proclaims the greatness of a coach after 6 games. ESPN’s Tom Jackson actually did this with Josh McDaniels. Any coach can look good in that small a sample size.

Hi, my name is Ed Feng, and I hear you. At The Power Rank, I use data and statistics to better understand sports.

It all started with an algorithm I developed to rank teams and predict the outcome of future games. Based on my Stanford Ph.D., this algorithm accurately accounts for strength of schedule and margin of victory.

The rankings are particularly powerful at finding over and under rated teams in college football and basketball. You can find predictions based on these rankings on the predictions page.

The Power Rank is also about the stories that numbers reveal about sports. Both prose and data visualization are used to tell these stories. Some of my favorites appear under Popular Articles.

Enlightenment through sports analytics and data visualization

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When I first thought about signing up, I was unsure about the content coming into my inbox. I didn’t want spam. However, I found great and interesting content, catered at a frequency I enjoy. I particularly like the statistical analysis that challenges typical ways of thinking.
Michael Sondag // Arlington, VA.

Much better than the average sports analytics – maybe even 2 standard deviation better.
Dr. Daniel Heller // Marin, CA.

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